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We frequently hear statements or questions like these examples;

1) "I just opened my new top. There are 2 cuts in it. My old top doesn't have these. This is defective & I want to return this item."

2) "There are 2 exposed stitched seams on my new top. My old top doesn't have these"

3) " There is a BIG slit from side to side across the deck at the rear"

Stitched dart area-  click on photo for closer viewOpen dart area-  click on photo for closer view

The factory original tops were made this way up until the early '90's. Examples #1 + #2  are part of the convertible top design to help with the installation & are acceptable either stitched or open. They are positioned to the outside edge of the deck seam, pointing towards the outer curve. These are "darts", which help the top contour properly over the rear bow. The center of the stitched or open seam closest to the deck seam helps to position the top correctly in the center of the rear bow tacking strip when stapling the top down. These areas allow the installer to properly pull any excess in these areas & to the outer curve of the bow to eliminate wrinkles, eventually being covered over by the wire-on trim. Convertible tops which do not need wire-on trim for a finished appearance do not have these darts. #3 (not shown) is typical of many older convertible tops ( prior to 1989 ). The rear valance above the window was never attached to the back edge of the deck ( in between the 2 sealed deck seams side-side). This allowed the top to stretch more over the rear bow from side to side & enabled the installer to totally perfect the finished appearance of the installed top.  The rear bow area is then finished  with 54" - 68" wire-on trim to cover over the staples or tacks. The ends of the wire-on have stainless end caps held in place by screws or nails.

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